Sexy Tanaka-san (2023)

Sexy Tanaka-san (2023) Dramacool

Other name: Sekushi Tanaka-san


Tanaka Kyoko is a 40-year-old OL, who works in the accounting department. She is excellent at her job. She has a modest appearance and doesn’t have a boyfriend, but she has a secret that nobody knows about. Her secret is that she performs as a sexy belly dancer. Every night, she belly dances in a glittering costume at a restaurant.

Meanwhile, Kurahashi Akari is a temp worker at the same company where Tanaka Kyoko is employed. Recently, she notices something has changed about Tanaka Kyoko and she is curious why. One evening, Kurahashi Akari visits a restaurant and is enthralled with the performance by exotic belly dancer Sali. The dancer’s real name is Tanaka Kyoko.

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Status: Ongoing


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